How To Travel With Your Dog


Dogs are outstanding traveling companions – they don’t back-seat drive, misread road maps, insist on eating at truck stops, snore, or steal your covers! They are kind, affectionate, adventurous, easygoing, protective, and courageous. At this point I doubt that I would trade my dog Ike for a two-legged traveling companion, if offered. Ike, is a […]

The Boxer Dog Breed


History and origin: This breed can be traced to the old holding dogs of Mollossus or Mastiff types.  Perfected in Germany during the 19th century, the Boxer was developed by crossing Mastiff, Bulldog, and terrier bloodlines and was once used for fighting and bull baiting.  Similar to the Bulldog, his jaw is undershot, a trait […]

Loose Leash Dog Walking

Dogs on a Leash

There are many ways of teaching loose leash dog walking and you may want to use several of the methods below. The most important thing is that, while you are teaching this skill, you must NEVER allow the dog to pull on the leash. I understand that this is hard because you may want to […]

Dog Bite Understanding, Correction & Prevention

dog bite

If your dog is prone to biting other dogs and even people, then you have a serious problem. Having a dog who bites is big trouble that needs your full attention but first you have to understand the problem before you start dealing with it. Read below more about it. Understanding The Six Levels Of […]

5 Tips How to Stop a Dog from Chewing


One common problem faced by almost all dog lovers is their unnecessary craving for food and their chewing habits. Though the former problem can be solved by providing the dog with healthy meals at regular intervals, the latter problem seems to be even more troublesome since the canine refuses to stop at anything. Right from […]

Dog Training Guide

dog training pupil

Before you start training your dog, it’s a good idea that you understand what you can do perfectly. Today you’ll find various types of dog training, in a number of locations. These courses differ in price and every one them has something distinct to offer you. The initial form of dog training is termed pup […]

How to Prepare Your Dog for Baby’s Arrival


You are owner of a cutest dog ever and he is a loving member of your family but, now you have become a parent and you are afraid of your dog’s reaction to your new two-legged family member. The arrival of your new family member will bring changes for everyone. Handling your dog’s curiosity, anxiety […]

The Importance of Puppy Socialization

puppy dog

Having a dog around the house can be very fun. After all, they bring joy, laughter and companionship without even trying. However, dog ownership comes with responsibilities and you should be well aware of these responsibilities before you introduce a new dog into your home. These responsibilities include vet checks, immunization, food, training and more. […]

Teaching Your Dog Hand Signals

Did you know that dogs instinctively pickup on human body language? As a matter of fact they can understand body language and hand signals as well as verbal commands. Chances are if you’ve been working with your dog for a while they probably already understand several of your physical cues. In fact you may be […]

Using Games To Enhance Your Behavioral Training

dog fights with water

Did you know that playing games with your faithful canine companion is a great way make your training sessions more fun and enjoyable for both of you? While many dog owners rely on dog trainers and obedience schools to help turn their dogs into well-trained companions, there are a few simpler and more affordable ways […]