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Dogs are just adorable and can cheer you up in any situation. If you have read the tale of Hachiko, then you probably know that dogs are really loyal animals. But, when you are keeping a pet dog, there is more you have to take care of than just feeding and playing with it. As a dog owner, you should also master simple dog training techniques that will enable you to have enough control over your lovable pet dog

As there are so many things that you must address in order to properly train your dog, it’s the best you start as soon as possible. Some people may find training their pet difficult, and as a result give up on their pet. If you are one of these pet owners, don’t be afraid, because here is a post full of advice on how you can start training your dog.

Benefits of Training Your Dog

Giving your dog proper training will provide countless benefits not just to you, but to your dog as well. This is actually number one reason why it is best for you to train your dog. Obedience training will do wonders for your pet and will also make you feel very proud of him. Apart from that, many issues would also be addressed through proper training. There are actually a lot of ways to train your dog, and you can even choose to hire a professional trainer for that. But before you do that, it would be best to get to know the benefits of training your dog, so that you will be inspired and motivated to start training your dog.

First of all, with proper training, your dog will no longer do certain things that you don’t like, such as chewing your shoe, barking at every stranger he sees, or peeing on your favorite chair. You will no longer feel frustrated every time he disobeys you. These are some of the things that many dogs do and a large number of dog owners are constantly troubled by such behaviour. However, you need to keep in mind that this is basically part of the nature of dogs; hence you will have to train your dog properly to stop such behaviour.

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The best way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement, which means that you will be reinforcing his positive behaviour by giving him rewards for doing the right things. You can do this by giving his favourite dog treats every time he follows a command that you give. This will eventually become a habit for him, and the more he follows your commands, the more he would be happy as well, since he would know that you are satisfied with how he is doing.

In addition to that, training your dog will help in building a positive relationship with him. The very basic concept behind this is actually communication. When your dog understands what you expect from him, then he will be able to do what you want in order to please you. This will allow you and your dog to bond through activities.

When your dog is properly trained, this would also mean that you will no longer have to scold him. Being yelled at will definitely put him down; thus, he would feel more confident and will be proud of himself if you are praising him all the time or showing him off to your friends and relatives.

There are many benefits to be reaped when you put your dog through proper training. You will be able to bring him practically anywhere you want, since you know that it would behave just like how he is expected to and not put others in danger or annoy them. Therefore, it is time to learn the proper techniques in training, so that you and your dog will be able to develop a better relationship.

How To Train Your Dog

Dogs are simply adorable. This is why many people all around the world have been keeping them as pets in their own houses. Although they provide comfort when you feel down, there may be times when you will feel frustrated by your pet, especially if he has not been properly trained yet. Thus, it is important to know about some of the basic things on how to train your dog, so that you will be able to teach him certain tricks, as well as make sure that he obeys your commands at all times. When you are able to achieve that, you will be able to build a more harmonious relationship with your pet, and he, too, would be happier.

The best way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement. This basically means that you will be rewarding him for doing this that you like, while you will simply ignore any undesirable behaviour. Although many traditional methods of training dogs make use of intimidation or pain, this is no longer being practiced by top breeders and trainers today since it does not bring out the best in dogs.

Teaching your dog to obey your commands through positive reinforcement will work effectively. Thus, it is the definitely best way to go about it. Just remember that your dog will always have the desire to please you at all times, since you are his master. Through this kind of training method, your dog will learn behave well without being forced to do so. With that, your dog will remember your commands better, and will consistently do what it is expected to do.

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One of the most important things that you need to remember about positive reinforcement is to provide your dog with the reward that he wants. Therefore, you need to know your dog as well as you can. By doing that, you will be able to identify the kind of reward that he wants so as to induce him to follow your instructions as much as he can. In most cases, trainers make use of dog biscuits, candies, and other goodies, depending on what their dogs love the most. Thus, you will need to try all of them out first so that you will be able to identify the dog treats that your dog would love the most.

With dog treats that your pet loves, he will surely follow your instructions, so that he will be able to enjoy his reward. Just make sure that you are prompt in giving your dog the treats, so that he would be able to associate it with the trick or command that he is supposed to follow.

These are some of the basic things that you need to take note of when you are trying to train your dog properly. There are a lot more things that you need to learn about it, such as how to get your dog’s attention. However, keep in mind these basic things and you will eventually learn the other things as you work with your dog.

Simple Dog Training Techniques You Should Use

There are certain dog training techniques that you should use in order to make sure that your dog will obey you at all times, especially if your dog is new to his living environment now. One of the basic techniques that you can use in order to establish that you are your dog’s owner is to make sure that you eat before he does. You don’t have to do this for each and every meal of the day. You can simply base it on the feeding schedule that you have planned for your dog.

For example, if you usually feed him twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, then you can eat breakfast and dinner first, before you feed him. Make sure that he is able to see you eating, so that he would know that you are indeed the owner of the house. Establishing that you are his boss does not necessarily mean that you need to intimidate your dog. The simple gesture of eating before your dog would already do wonders.

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Besides this technique, there are also a number of training methods that you can make use of so that your dog will be able to quickly adjust to his new home. One of the methods would be to crate train him. The crate will be your dog’s resting place. In other words, this is where he should relax, stretch, and get some sleep with. Therefore, you need to properly encourage him to spend more time in his crate, so that he will eventually become more comfortable in it. By doing so, he will eventually recognize it as his home where he can snuggle up and sleep.

Keep in mind that since the crate will be your dog’s sleeping quarters, it should be properly cleaned. Dogs want to have a clean space to sleep; therefore, you need to make sure that he does not soil it. This also means that you will have to learn how to potty train your dog. By potty training your dog effectively, you will not only be able to ensure that his crate would always be clean, but also ensure that your house will not be soiled. Potty and crate training your dog cannot be done overnight, so you need to be prepared to spend a lot of time and be patient with your dog. These are some of the basic dog training techniques that you should try out soon. You can also learn more through certain dog training books, which will provide you with the step by step instructions.


After reading this post, I hope you will now have a better idea of how you should train your dog. You should read more post here to learn more about the techniques mentioned above. Even if this is your first time owning a dog, you will be able to slowly train your dog by spending time with it. No matter how you choose to train your dog, one thing is for sure – do not intimidate your dog. There is nothing good about raising a timid dog that behaves well only out of fear. Instead, raise your dog with love and affection. It will definitely be able to grow up into a well-behaved dog as long as you are patient with it.



  1. Dog training will improve the relationship and interaction between you and the dog, once your dog was well trained, you will have fun with the dog. Making mistakes during dog training can undo your hard work, confuse your pet, and create headaches and frustration for you.

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